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Levi MacAllister (AKA Levi the Poet) has one of the most distinct voices I can think of. A certain presence and force, like gravity turned up a notch, like a voice crying out in the desert to any ear it might reach. The world isn't what it should be, he knows you see it, and he's telling you he sees it too. He also wants you to look with him, through the wreckage, to squint through the dim light and see a God who truly is love.

We talk about the moment the song Halflight left him in tears while he was weeding his zero-scaped desert yard, about the appeal of certainty and why it's important to not hold onto it too tightly, about the ways fear masquerades as love. We wonder who I am singing to when I sing let the light in, let me see who you really are.

Levi just launched The Fraction Club, which is a way to get exclusive access to his unreleased stuff, while supporting his important work. Join today! You can also find him on Instagram and Twitter.

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