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Cover art for The Halflight Podcast - out January 10th

The Halflight Podcast

Each episode a different guest joins Joe to talk about one song from the album. It’s the audio liner notes to Halflight, and it’s way more than that. It’s a podcast about creativity, loneliness, hope, losing faith, relationships, writer’s block, finding faith, evangelicalism, Mars Hill Church, certainty, doubt, church trauma, healing, wonder, surprise, disappointment, prayer, longing; about making the album Halflight.

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Album cover for Joe Day's Fear and Love EP

The Fear and Love EP

Fear and Love (alternate version) is a brand new version of the song we made to commemorate the release of The Halflight Podcast. In the Fear and Love episode, Brent James Driscoll (creator & producer of the Emmy winning Sessions In Place) talk about the original demo from 2017 and how different it is from the album version. The Fear and Love EP chronicles the evolution of one of the most important songs on Halflight. If you were jonesing for some 90s angst, you’re going to be really, really happy.

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