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Blue Skies

Joce Aucoin lives for creativity. Whether through her visual art, her writing (if you are interested in creativity at all, her newsletter jump + pray is essential), or her support of creative life of other artists. We met on Twitter over a shared love of Nada Surf's Blizzard of '77 (which is one of my all time favorite opening tracks) and soon found out that we have many mutual friends. Through that connection, Joce became a mentor to me as I was navigating how to release music after a decade-long hiatus. Yes, her expertise from her years of running Lujo records came into play, but it was more her deep interest in the health and vitality of my creativity that made her mentorship so meaningful to me.

We talk about the creative process, overcoming creative block, the story behind the lyric The heart doesn't care if there's dust on the pen, and why Blue Skies is the first track of Halflight.

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Joce Aucoin
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