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All I Want is Home

Sara Billups new book Orphaned Believers is coming out soon, but it has been in the works her entire life. Growing up in an evangelical family the 90s in Indiana didn't quite prepare her for living in Seattle. It took time for her to figure out how to own her faith and be able to talk about it freely. That happened in 2016 as she watched fringe, nationalistic beliefs become mainstream in Trumpy evangelicalism. Since 2018 she's been writing about Orphaned Believers, creating space for Christians who feel increasingly estranged from their churches and pastors who either outright put on the red hat, or did nothing at all.

We talk about how she found her voice, how a simple faith might be the medicine for our inflamed moment, and how finding other orphaned believers can be so hopeful and refreshing. Get your copy of Orphaned Believers today.

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